• Mathematics Academy (instructional team 2014–15). This academy organises biweekly talks in Mathematics aimed at A Level, local students (the University of Sheffield). Talk on 'Codes and cryptography: Way beyond the days where a padlock was enough to lock away precious belongings', we will talk about a modern version of secret telling and keeping, using mathematics. (3 November 2014)

  • NebraskaMATH summer institute (instructional team). This institute offers graduate courses in mathematics for high school and middle school teachers. It is funded by the NSF and the Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education located at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. (July 2010)

  • New graduate teaching assistant preparation workshop aimed at first year graduate teaching assistants for the Mathematics Department at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, August 2008.

  • Two-week algebra PhD qualifying exam preparation workshop aimed at first-year graduate students at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, May 2008.

  • Four-hour workshop for the Math Section of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam aimed at senior engineering students at UNL as a calculus comprehensive review. The MSFE Exam is a (USA) national requisite to obtain an engineer professional licensure.

Meetings, mentoring and outreach

  • NCUWM 2010

  • Facilitator for the 'Research ethics and integrity programme' sessions for the Faculty of Science at the University of Sheffield. These sessions, aimed at postgraduate students, consist of discussions on the concepts of ethics and integrity through consideration of case studies and examples.

  • Mentor for the 'Doctoral thesis writing' mentoring program at the University of Sheffield. An extremely rewarding program both for mentors and mentees. I am honoured to have been nominated a dedicated outstanding mentor for the spring of 2014 and 2015. Thank you!

Postgraduate supervision at the University of Sheffield, UK

  • HAR6024: Dissertation supervision for the Masters in Human Nutrition 2019/20

  • HAR679: Dissertation supervision for the Masters in Public Health 2016/17

Courses taught at the University of Sheffield, UK

  • MBChB Public Health Phase 1: Routine health data (1 lecture) 2019, 2020 & 2022

  • FCP 6100: Graduate Research Ethics & Integrity in Science 2013 { 2015

  • Math 292: Continuity and Integration (She eld and NTU Program) Fall 2014 (in China)

  • Math 348: Introduction to Game Theory 2 lectures in March 2015

  • HAR6035: Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal (tutorials), F 2016–2017 (F 2018–19)

  • MAS 292/207: Continuity and integration (lectures), joint program with the University of Sheffield and Nanjing Tech University, China (joint lecturing with Dr Haluk Sengun), December 2014

  • MAS 201: Linear mathematics for applications (tutorials), F 2012

  • MAS 114: Numbers and groups (tutorials), F 2012, SP 2013, F 2013

Courses taught at the University of California – Riverside

  • Math 260: Seminar – Topics in commutative homological algebra (Organiser), W, F 2011, W, SP 2012

  • Math 121: Introduction to game theory (lectures), W 2012

  • Math 120: Introduction to optimisation theory (lectures), F 2011

  • Math 113: Applied linear algebra (lectures), S 2011

  • Math 46: Introduction to differential equations (lectures), F 2010, S 2011, SP 2012, S 2012

  • Math 10B: Multivariable calculus (lectures), S 2011

  • Math 9C: Introduction to college math for sciences (lectures), W 2011

  • Math 9B: Introduction to college math for sciences (lectures), W 2011, F 2011, SP 2012

  • Math 8B: Introduction to college math for sciences (lectures), F 2010

Courses taught at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Grad. TA)

  • Math 314: Linear algebra (lectures), S 2008

  • Math 107: Calculus II (recitations), S 2005, S 2006

  • Math 106: Calculus I (recitations), F 2004, F 2005

  • Math 103: Pre-calculus (lectures), F 2006

  • Math 102: Trigonometry (lectures), F 2008, F 2009 (convener)

  • Math 101: College algebra (lectures), S 2007

  • Math 100A: Intermediate algebra (lectures), F 2007

Courses taught at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal (Und. TA)

  • Real analysis II (math majors, recitation), S 2004

  • Calculus III (recitation), F 2002

  • Calculus II (recitation), S 2003

  • Calculus I (recitation), F 2003